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When Rosa was preparing her trip to Turkey, she was not aware of what she was going to find there. I can say that she used pencils, colours, brushes, shapes… with admirable skill even before her departure, but in there, she found what would become her first big pictorial collection. It is likely that what she painted when she came back, she had always carried with her unrealized, and that the magic of the country acted as a salutary lesson so that through her hands the collection “Turkey” came alive. Colour, magic, mysticism, sensuality, exoticism. All of this is present in her work. But let’s stop talking, as it is better if you come and see it first-hand.  


14/02/2011 - 28/02/2011


A jump comes over me without remedy

I cover myself behind the lens to protect my reason and my spirit.

In front of a stage congested

by the bad odour coming from the meat as an incandescent live coal

prepares a farewell without makeup.

I merge into the hustle of the daily,

bumping into, step after step, with the human being,

naked, empty of banalities,

Full of being...



Lara Viña Herbón


through the eyes of Ramón Fernández.


04/02/2011 - 18/02/2011


Juan Barreiro González (Bilbao, 27-Noviembre-1974)

Juan Barreiro has his destiny which began when, still a child, he discoverd the magic of art, music and painting. He is a self-taught artist, in a continous search for perfection, as well as a musician, engineer and painter...


04/02/2011 - 18/02/2011


Fernando Labrador

I present to you these creatures, some of them nostalgic, others kitsch, some of them baroque, others with glamour... I have brought them to life with my own hands into a weird world. 

I have enjoyed tem day after day while I watched them grow and form their personality little by little. 

They go out of the studio shyly and it is hard for me to recognise them when I see them at the exhibition hall in front of the public and under the lights, showing themselves in an uninhibited way.

I was at that moment that they started acquiring a life of their own, absorbing each one of them part of mine.
The author.


18/03/2011 - 01/04/2011


Interestingly, handmade things, which in the past put up a barrier with the intellectual, have become for some time, an antonym of the automatic, that is, now things that are handmade are precisely those things that one makes with their brain, something which we do not want to do with a pre-established programme, following guidelines that maybe are not exactly what we want. When we intend to do something of our own, something that defines who we are, we use our hands: therefore what is handmade, what is palpable, is also what comes from our hearts.
08/04/2011 - 28/04/2011


Contemplating the work of Rosa Oria, her brush strokes transmit a personal style, expressive and evocative in which the fountain of colours, endless themes, magic and realis complement each other perfectly.

With Oria we can capture in her paintings an interior life full of feelings, dreams and solidarity that she expresses with easiness.

She is able to transmit light and colours which trap the spectator in each canvas, each brush stroke of a work full of themes in which obstacles do not work for her.

Llamasan. Painter. 


06/05/2011 - 20/05/2011


This exhibition is a tribute to our aunt Amparo Miranda, in the first aniversary of her death.

We know that that she would have never done it herself, but that she must be deligthed to see that we are doing this now.

With this we want to express and thank her for the love we have for painting, and tell her that we are seeing now will live on in our sons and daughters, as they love to draw and paint. This hobbie comes from her.



05/08/2011 - 19/08/2011


Inmaculada García Miranda

This exhibition is about the portrait of a heart and its projections over the years, the time it has needed to heal or purge the tragic loss of a great love. A natural reaction that is captured in ceramic, making everyone reflect on this vital worry and its therapeutic relationship.

The reason why I chose to use the heart as an element comes from the ex-voto, aesthetic popular manifestations that open up like windows to the human sufferings, popularly called "miracles" in Mexico. Myth and mystery that paint the soul of a nation where the religious fervour is transformed into art and tradition. On the basis of this wide concept, it made offerings sculptural offerings with the schematic shape of the heart (the sacred heart), a profound image and rich in content...


17/07/2011 - 01/08/2011


Isabel Menendez y Sixto Rodriguez

In Isabel, lines, colours, nature and figures are always present. In Sixto, it is wood, warm and sinuous shapes, and the figure as well. 

The figure, the outer form of a body. In paint, finding a way to complicate yourlife, trying to make a good hsape that represents what the wood, or the sea suggest. 

A figure, a statue or a painting that represent the body of a man or of an animal. So easy to define, so easy to make.

That is what Isabel and Sixto want, to make them, paint them, work with them, give them colours, and finally, exhibit them together so that they accompany each other and everyone can see them.

02/09/2011 - 12/09/2011


Juanjo López Cediel

"Googlentity" is a project in which I investigate through a search process of images registered in the context of the internet. I surf the net using the maps developed with the technology of "Google Street View" (photographies at street level that a camera of several lenses makes automatically in al directions, through the path of a car or a tricycle), trying to use it in a different way to what it was destined to no: instead of trying to find streets, I try to find "people"...

23/09/2011 - 07/10/2011


Cristina Cañedo-Argüelles Gallastegui

 "What our memory has of being our own and different is what it has in common with our own memories"

 ... The attraction for textures and changing shapes that humans produce, and the time on a wall, a tree, a hostile window. People that as they go by, they scratch, they write, they make a dent on a tree's bark, they crumple the paper from an abandoned shop turning it into the creases of an old piece of cloth...

14/10/2011 - 04/11/2011


Montserrat Franco

With this set of paintings Montserrat Franco pays tribute to all those magnificent moments in touch with nature that make us feel more alive, that turn routine into something new...

11/11/2011 - 25/11/2011


Francisco José Hernández. 1970.

Sierra Morena, meadows, holm oaks, weakened dry grass agaisnt the light of a summer dusk. Ponds, ranuculus snowed oasis. Streams, water veins that give shelter to life in the summer. The trail, the footprint that excites imagination, that runs after its master, wishing to get close to her, being, belonging. Just like the air that vibrates in the colours, the textures that keep her presence's impression. The bird that arrives and fills each and every corner, and when it flies, it leaves a vacuum fulls of echoes that reverberate and perpetuate its perception...


16/12/2011 - 30/12/2011


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