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...With his musical facet he played in bands such as Kactus Jack, Holiday Fleet and Australian Blonde... Now as a painter, he introduces "Gentes" (people), a collection of paintings influenced by his trips to New York and his days in a bastion in Fano. He introduces us a work or colours, a universe of people, of anonymous people and of their great friend. A world that brings us a little bit closer to him. Those of us who are lucky enough to know Juan Barreiro, love him and think highly of him. Those who do not have such pleasure, have the opportunity to know abot him in one of his most brilliant aspects, painting.

Those who discover him will admire him.  

                                                                                                              David Viña Aguado

The city captured in colours, human figures that stop in time, remain trapped in the paintings full of depth and life.  Citizens, men and women, as protagonists, surrounded by noise and machines, walk over the sidewalk between towers made of brick and glass, and furious cars that do not stop. A carousel where the everyday life takes place. Colours over the streets, sun reflections marked in faces, dreams that are submerged in a working world, tension and the desire to live. Cinematographic framings of colours that look as if they came straight from Raoul Coutard's palette, the photographer of the Nouvelle Vague, between the city blues and greys.

We can look for the memproes of the first painters that freed themselves from tradition and invente the future, like Cezanne when while he was separating foregrounds and simplifng forms, in the lines, in the brush strokes, in the cropped silhouettes, in the work of the palette knife, the colours...All this creating a new dimension that woukld break space and time, showing us multiple points of view. 


But not everything is movement, characters have a life of their own and demand some time for themselves, an instant to show who they truly are. Juan works with portraits showing us what ois behind the gaze, what we do not say and what we feel; not just who we are, but who we want to become. Here is where the canvas has another intensity, it goes from the almost agressive work from the palette knife, to the settled brush. It is a time for reflection and interiority, colours alleviate and pad the characters. The work becomes more calm in front of us, as it is us who he is painting.

                                                                                                                Juan Carlos Suárez Fernández


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