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The library of the Alvargonzález Foundation is constituted by a collection of more than 5,000 monographs and more than 120 titles of periodic publications, as result of the aggregation of the different libraries from different members of the Alvargonzález family and some other from people related to the institution.

As consequence of this union of different libraries, the collection is made of books of different subjects. This collection can be organized in four parts:

1st) The General Collection, made of the library related to the maritime history together with an Asturian collection and a library devoted to literature.

2nd) The Family Collection made of books written from a member of the family or where any of them collaborated. It can be highlighted the cooking books from Calixto Alvargonzález Landeau.

3rd) The Deposit, where there are gathered books of different subjects such as Ethnography, History, Biography, Medicine, Art and works made before 1900- In this collection there can be highlighted some donations, like the ones made by Brigida Hoene, Claudio Alvargonzález Sánchez-Barcáiztegui or Mateo Alvargonzález.

4th) The Collection “Miguel Díaz Negrete”, made of the professional library of the Gijón-born architect, with works devoted to the architecture, construction and art,  there can be highlighted more than 100 titles from specialized architecture and construction magazines.


The library counts with a reading room where the bibliographic collections of the Foundation can be consulted. The collections are not available for free access.

The readers can request photocopies according to the frame dictated by the law of Intellectual Property and paying attention to the conservation of the document. The library counts with a photocopy machine in black and white. There cannot be photocopied more than one third of the book. The price of the photocopies is 0.10€ per page and the user must bring loose change.

The Foundation is not responsible of the use those reproductions breaking the rights protected by the law.

There can be reserved a maximum of three books during the week.

Loans are not allowed.

It is allowed to make photographies of the documents according to the frame established by the rights of Intellectual Law. Flash is not allowed.



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