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Maite Fernández Encinar

I have seen her grow as a painter. Each painting that is created with her methodical work is another step that she taked in the search to look for a synchrony between the image that is on the outside and the one that her interior mirror reflects. Even if we cannot distinguish it with a simple look, if we talk about her we will instantly become aware of the fact that she always wears a robe and a bag with her colours and brushes. Painting is her life now. She is always observing, always educating herself.

15/01/2010 - 29/01/2010


Rosa Mesa

I do not really know how to describe my work. My intention is to trasmit spontaneity in a simple way but showing the beauty of what is rerpesented and expressed in the canvasses which are also part of my feelings and emotions.

Feelings that each artist  transmits in their work making it unique. Among the many places that my city offers, I have chosen this one to invite you to take a walk and enjoy the views.

05/02/2010 - 23/02/2010


José Avelino Martínez Juan

Born in Ujo (Mieres) in 1943. He started studying drawinf and paiting in the Arts and Crafts school in Oviedo.

 He recieved classes from Rafael Borbolla, Adolfo Álvarez Folgueras, Magin Berenguer and Eugenio Tamayo...

05/03/2010 - 19/03/2010


The nickname of amibiguity or the apparent reality.

This is not the first time that Luis Pineda (Villanueva de Gumiel-Burgos, 1967) provides us with a paardoxical vision of human beings, of their miseries and hypocrisies. He had already shown his intention in other artistic events such as informARTE and (Des)conexiones, organized by the University of Oviedo in the Faculty of Geography and History. He had also exalted the symbol of creativity and progress in Retos y Restos, an exhibtion of the artistic association MARBAS-La Fresneda, sponsored by the Municipal Culture Foundation of Siero. This creative author is interested in using photography frequently, but also all the means of expression that can be derived of a concept strongly put together. His pieces are not technically limited, but instead leave a wide variety of experimentation open. That is the reason why his mixed technique is fundamental in his basic necessity of ironically capturing a piece of reality, a reality full of appearances that mask the hypocrisy of a false social tolerance. In this exhibition, society is disguised of beings that look like salamanders, and other barachians that reflect their true guilt under the skin of some of the species that have suffered from false connotations that the "human being" has given to the western iconography all throughout history.



09/04/2010 - 23/04/2010


Lucía Alonso Fernández

The difficulty of what is simple 

We need more people who are captivated by what is difficult. Trapped in tortous relationships. Seduced by what is prohibited... These people are fascinated by what is skillfully made in art.

 I'm not one of them. And I trust that you, who are just about to look at this exhibition are not one of them either...

14/05/2010 - 28/05/2010


Isabel Gil 

"No one gets to be a citizen of the world in a complete way [...]. WIth all that, just a few, including philosophers, make an effort to show that the place and gaze are just illusions [...]"

Herman J. Saatkamp, Jr...

11/06/2010 - 25/06/2010


Javier R. Linera 

"I photograph to see what the world looks like in photographs"

 G. Winogrand (1928-1984) 

These words of the northamerican photograph Garry Winogrand are a declaration of intent which I could use without the slightest objection.

Almost 200 years after its invention, photography still preserved the magic of stopping time, of freezing an instant. But what we see in a photograph is not he world but a vision of it...


09/07/2010 - 23/07/2010


Faustino Forcén Merediz 

In its beauty and variety, nature can lift thinking to regions of the infinite. It seduces the dreamy imagination to what is wonderful.

Trying to pick up those moments, we paint in order to transmit it to everyone else. 

In order to improve, we do the following: permanent training, we give thanks to Duli, Carlota and Katy for the trade and the relevant things that they are still contrinuting, a constant dialogue with everyone else to improve perceptions: seeing, feeling, painting, and painting. They used to say that...


10/07/2010 - 24/07/2010


José Manuel Lozano 

Urban coreographies

Dispossed of sight, urban promenades do not exist, they are paths that have never been taken before, itineraries that lead to nowhere. José Manuel Lozano walks on the streets as an inmigrant, with a clean and new look, with eyes that are able to amaze themselves by the landscapes seen each day. Every creation is a recreation, "there is nothing less original than origins". If we do not want to succumb to the urban rush, if we do not want to be consumed by traffic, noise, hurry... and all the modern misfortunes...if we do not want to lose ourselves in our everyday map, we have to give this city the opportunity of being born again for us each morning. José Manuel Lozano knows this too well: he walks on the streets and gets to every corner and square as if he were doing so tiptoed, pending on the gaze's thread, as if he were hanging on the air trying to increase altitude and being able to reach a distance that makes the city our own and more human. 

 Andrés A. Rodríguez (Writer)



15/10/2010 - 29/10/2010


Sabina Íñiguez

There is not a moment nor an instant that can be repeated.

I'm still looking for the colour, the shape, the mixture that put expresses what I feel everytime I paint or experiment with a canvas. Each painting is a part of me, of the chiaroscuros of my life, of my feelings, of my perceptions...

12/11/2010 - 26/11/2010


This exhibition of the STUDYO group represents the first appearance of a restless collective, alive, and destined to progress, who wants to characterize itsel because of the creative singularity of each and every of their members.
It consists of recognizing the value the work and effort of a group of artists, of different sensitivities, ages and identities, that have the way of seeing life through a personal prism in common, which allows them to develop their creativity by means of a serious and disciplined work, based on rigour annd the daily dedication to the commitment contracted with art...
10/12/2010 - 24/12/2010


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