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I count on you not desiring sincere love. You should enjoy with the laziness of sunny afternoons. You should share conspirational conversations.

I hope that you enjoy art which transmits something, not that disconcerta. Art which reflects the magic of the ordinary and the charm of simple things.

This exhibition that the Alvargonzález Foundation holds, of original paitings by Lucía Alonson Fernández, will be for you a walk through the paths of life and hope.

The works of Lucía Alonso are snapshots of quotidian hope. Works that capture light and emanate scents. No melancholy of past times running as a child is emitted through its brushes, nor nostalgia for the fugacity of moments that run in order to not get burned and take shelter in the shade.

The sensitivy of Lucía Alonso is mixed, just like the technique that she uses in most of her canvasses. She mixes sand and  roofs of pavament or gardens. She paints people without painting individuals. This is a figurative impersonalization that allows us, as spectators, to capture put own illusion in those canvasses located in the easel of the charm of simple things.

Just like when we feel that time is running out, that past hours talking in a cafe wandering on the streets with a friend were not enough... that is what happens to Lucía Alonso when she tries to capture her emotions. They overflow and become alive just like the water that runs in a fountain , to the point that we find scenes that continue in the edges of pieces of cloth that are still not framed.

There is nothing quite as difficult as reproducing what is simple. There is nothing more admitable in an artist that his capacity to communicate something. This pictorial exhibition maybe gives a brush-stroke of hope in the middle of the monotonous day-to-day. If that's the case, we are glad, as life is nothign without hope. Life is nothing without art.


Nino Otea. Gijón 22-10-2010




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