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The author skillfully commits himself paradoxically by including himself in the tumult that he perceives and that he transmits to us through an firmly informalist influence in which the reality of his representation is hardly distinguishable. The rhetoric of the images creates a particular and seductive discourse, in which the same amount of things that are shown are also hidden. This therefore makes it acquire an strategic importance of great importance when they are able to interpret the world in a much more complex and close way. Nobody can remain aloof to the media bombardment of the people that have the desire to be, something that  I had never done before in this creative phase. I look for that something which we live for and that we see in order to replace it as close as possible to the moment in which the spectator finds himself in the representation. In this process of perception, the definition of the different constitutive elements favours the emergence of analytical and narrative works, based on the simile, the difference, the ambiguity. The miscegenation of the media in this works makes it possible to clarify positions and redefine imaginative offers that haven't gone unnoticed in some of the showings in which the author, along with his personal way of expressing himself, has been selected. Offerings such as: the Art Contest of Luarca, the contest "Nicanor Piñole" of San Martín de Rey Aurelio in Asturias or the offering artíFICE of Loja (Granada).

The essence of his artistic works always improved under an iconic perspective that does not go unnotices, makes us thik about the place which we hold in this inflexible world, and how we get along and interrelate ourselves in order to endure this situation. It can be that we do not think beyond our horizontal limitations and that the heavily excessive egocentricity does not let us observe what is happening outside the isolation of decrepitude intolerance.Luis Pienva describes this under the aesthetic of the fragment, or as Natalia Tielve said "under a caring relationship of pieces, details, taken from reality, addressing different contradictions that overwhelm ourselves in our everyday life. Questions without answer, false sufferings, ambivalences, and hoaxes". There is little left to be said of this work with an apellative character. His work urges the spectator to finish the sentence, to continue the speech or reconstruct his own interpretation. The author has left it there and now, we are the ones who have to take off our own masks to let ourselves be seduced  by a sarcastic nudity, and, in most cases, cruel and indifferent.

 Jaime Rodríguez 2010.


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