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Among the goals collected in the Statutes, the task to “create in the headquarters a documental Archive related to the Alvargonzález family” occupies a fundamental place. This task was started in the birth of the Foundation in 1992, and it has been enriched since that moments thanks to generous familiar contributions, acquisitions of the Board and persona donations.


Rules of Use

The consult of the collections from the Foundation should be made prior request of date and hour by phone (985 34 18 26) or email ( This date must be confirmed by the staff of the foundation.

The schedule is: from Monday to Friday 10:00 to 12:30 in the mornings and 16:30 to 19:00 in the evenings.

For the requests it is necessary to cover a request form paper that will be given by the foundation.

The maximum number of books allowed is 3 titles or magazines per visit.

Only the Foundation staff has access to the areas of restricted access and the collection of the library.

The library does not allow loans.

The readers are responsible of the used materials.

It is not allowed to enter with food or drinks. Laptops and phones must be in silence mode.

Notes, laptops and photo cameras are allowed.

All the books, periodic publications and rest of materials from the library are public property. Take care of them and do not allow any damage.

Historical Archive of the Alvargonzález Foundation

It is integrated in the Historical Archive by an organic set of documents and books, accompanied of photographies and objects of all kind that have belonged or have being generated during the life of the ancestors of the family.

If we take into account the first confirmed names in the genealogic tree, there are dated in the 15th century, and it is not hard to imagine the wealth and variety of accumulated information of each family wing during this time, collecting their files of all kind of professions and historical events, or simply the testimony of the daily events of each of them.

To the main documental collection, called Alvargonzález, it has been added by acquisition of the external collection – but of great relevance for the study and knowledge of the local history – of Ricardo García Rendueles and the Zulaibar family. In each of them the typological variety goes from family letters, with official or commercial institutions, to the sailing diaries, accounting documents or testaments deeds and notarial protocols generated out of the most diverse situations.

It is located in the same building that serves as headquarter of the Foundation, in order of having a good conservation of the collection, an adequate space was habilitated, with double goal of facilitate the access and ensure its conservation.




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