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P. Bezanez

In his last phase he is attracted by the patches present in abrastract art, which he combines with other artistic currents. But if there is something that really has influence on his art it's nature (among which he lives and works as a child). 

Now he is immersed in a very personal, abstract and figurative stage in which dreams and visions merge, and in which, thanks to the command of drawing, patches of colour and an accustomed visual memory, he feels at ease and free to express his ideas and feelings.  

Although as a relaxation method and a way of practising, he still draws and paints themes of nature out in the open.This new phase spurs completely on his insides, on his inspiration, on what time carved out in his memory; and he is able to work in any improvised studio on the days in which the cold outside doesn't allow him to do it under the sky.   


In the same way, he also inclined naturally for cubism and abstraction, giving as a result what he calls Compensated Asymmetries (Asimetrías Compensadas), a method by which figures are built asymmetrically, but repetition or compensation of the parts create a realist effect that the mind of the observer is in charge of creating.

He works between Asturias and Castile, in rural areas from which he obtains the raw material, the time, the calm, the inspiration to carry out his work.

Both artists belong to the Eeclach group.

 (The author of both texts is tom facubu, march 2017)


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