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Music Studies abroad

Music Studies abroad grant

Two grants will be awarded to Spanish conservatory students who have graduated in Music Studies and who want to continue their studies abroad.

The ALVARGONZÁLEZ FOUNDATION calls for two grants to continue the two grantee's music studies abroad every month of June, according to the following terms and conditions:


  • €3,000, transferred to the grantees in two €1,500 payments. The first will be made after the grant is awarded and the second will be made after six months, after the submission of a report about the studies undertaken by the grantee.


  • Spanish nationality.
  • A graduate degree from any Spanish conservatory of music.
  • Undertaking or wanting to undertake postgraduate studies in music abroad.


  • Academic record from any Spanish conservatory of music.
  • Certificate of studies from any Spanish conservatory of music.
  • Complete CV
  • Cover letter


  • Applications: from 1st to 30th June.
  • Decision: during July.
  • The candidates should submit to the Alvargonzález Foundation, either through e-mail or post, their complete CV, along with a cover letter, explicitly stating their acceptance of the terms and conditions of the grant.


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