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GIGIA Grants

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The Alvargonzález Foundation and the Cimadevilla Neighbourhood Association GIGIA convene twelve grants aiming primary school and secondary school students that are residents in the district of Cimadevilla in Gijón.

T E R M S  A N D  C O N D I T I O N S

- The grant will be awarded to four primary and secondary school students, one for each of the educational paths. The grantees will be awarded €500.

- The applications will be submitted from 30th September to 31st October, 2019, at the GIGIA Neighbourhood Association's headquarters. The applications should be submitted along with the personal academic record of the candidate, and with a copy of the 2018 tax returns from the candidate's parents. In the application, the candidates will have to explicitly accept the terms and conditions of the grant.

- If the yearly income of the candidate's household surpasses €40,000, he will be disqualified.

- The grants will be awarded by a jury composed of the Alvargonzalez Foundation Director, Deputy Director, the GIGIA Neighbourhood Association President, and a Chair from its Management Board. The President of the jury shall be the Alvargonzalez Foundation Director, and in the event of a tie he shall have a casting vote.

- The jury will deliberate the awarding of the grants according to the candidates' academic record and their household's yearly income. Their decision will be made during November, 2019, and shall be without appeal in both legal or extra-legal action.

Gijón, 27 September 2019


NOTE: The application model will be provided by the GIGIA Neighbourhood Association.


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