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"GRABADOS" (Engravings)

The characteristic qualitiy and effect of precise, rough or etched lines has never been enough on its own, no matter how brilliant its execution was, hence the application of various modified methods of the same technique.

In the context of precise plate printing, the term "etching" usually refers to the action of carving lines, etc. with acid on a metal plate, then removing the inked paper print from the surface of the plate.

My most sincere gratitude to the Alvargonzález Foundation for allowinf me to use their exhibition hall and for their hard work. Thanks also to all visitors who enjoyed the exhibition.


Claudio Alvargonzález, 16, 1º
33201 Cimadevilla - Gijón

L-V 9:00-13:00/16:00-19:00
S-D Cerrado

Sala de exposiciones

C/ Óscar Olavarría, 11 Bajo
33201 Cimadevilla - Gijón

L-V 12:00-13:30/18:30-21:00
Sáb. 12:00-13:30

Sede fundación

C/ Tránsito de la Corrada, 1
33201 Cimadevilla - Gijón

TEL. 985341826