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Belén Ramón, amateur self-taught photographer, got interested in this artistic discipline when she was young, which turns her into a veteran photographer.

She started in the analogical photography world, and currently carries out her work in the digital sphere, where she mixes photographic technique with digital tools.

a traves del objetivo

For Belén, photography is a passion, and for this reason she carries her camera with her everywhere, to immortalize those wonderful moments that we can gaze at. Her ample work captures a wide number of themes, mainly related to landscapes. Nature, sea, and the birds are the protagonists of her lens.

In this first exhibition, she shows us a minute portion of her work, a selection of diurnal and nocturnal landscapes from coastal Asturias. In them, two main elements are foregrounded: the sea and the clouds, which show us two fundamental principles of photography, light and movement.

Juan Lorenzo


Claudio Alvargonzález, 16, 1º
33201 Cimadevilla - Gijón

L-V 9:00-13:00/16:00-19:00
S-D Cerrado

Sala de exposiciones

C/ Óscar Olavarría, 11 Bajo
33201 Cimadevilla - Gijón

L-V 12:00-13:30/18:30-21:00
Sáb. 12:00-13:30

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C/ Tránsito de la Corrada, 1
33201 Cimadevilla - Gijón

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