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I see my work as an irreal reinterpretation of the world around me. I make use of a pile of lineal and bidimensional chromatic stamps, to transform the world into an abstract, and sometimes ambiguous, impression. Bidimensionality simplifies the image; it is in this plastic reality where the relationships that maintain the formal and chromatic tension arise.

I oppose what is, to me, the artistic piece, with the subconscious impression of the audience. With this, I aim to create other worlds, as many as viewers of my art. In this way, new subjective meanings are added to the piece in accordance to their personal expectations (particular visions).

In this first exhibition I wanted to show a diverse selection made using a range of techniques, but with a common theme: digression as creative methodology. This is a  selection of artistic pieces born out of pristine ideas, which were immediately captured without recurring to a previous sketch, without imposing any thematic, technical, or formal restriction.

Art is my stimulus, the energy I need to be awake in my life, and I love it because of this, and because in art I find imagination, beauty and freedom.

Abstraction is undoubtedly pure creative freedom.


Claudio Alvargonzález, 16, 1º
33201 Cimadevilla - Gijón

L-V 9:00-13:00/16:00-19:00
S-D Cerrado

Sala de exposiciones

C/ Óscar Olavarría, 11 Bajo
33201 Cimadevilla - Gijón

L-V 12:00-13:30/18:30-21:00
Sáb. 12:00-13:30

Sede fundación

C/ Tránsito de la Corrada, 1
33201 Cimadevilla - Gijón

TEL. 985341826