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...Because poetry does not adhere to a literary genre, it comes from the greek poíesis, which means "creation", meaning, that magic word with which the artist operates and makes him a kind of creator god that extracts the soul and the spirit from the mines of matter. That is precisely what has been doing Marco years ago: forge tridimensional dreams in his nocturnal workshop- he always works at night and only sleeps with the sunrise-, recreate in his figures and dioramas all the fantastic universe that lies beneath the reality and for which many of us opted since childhood, to escape from daily ordinariness and to fight vital tedium. Marco Navas is a mirabilia provider, a manufacturer of marvels with no more limits of those of his feverish and inexhaustible imagination, perfectly coordinated with the magic of his miniaturist hands. Go into the wordless stories that Marco tells us in his sculptures is going around the forest of the myths, looking for a Grail that likes to hide until that, suddenly, it appears in the density, and his hurting lightnings blind us, and the incorporeal objectifies. That spiritual journey between the jungle of the great culture and the Pop culture, happily related, is the adventure that Marco Navas proposes in this new exhibition. Do not miss it. It is the work of a poet in three dimensions, and it appears to me that is going to be the fourth: imagination can do anything.

Luis Alberto de Cuenca (Real Academia de la Historia)

Madrid, 20 de septiembre de 2016. 


Claudio Alvargonzález, 16, 1º
33201 Cimadevilla - Gijón

L-V 9:00-13:00/16:00-19:00
S-D Cerrado

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Sáb. 12:00-13:30

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