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The observation of nature guides him to face his works from an intimate perspective, where the Natural Realism is the face of an inner Realism, like those who believe that Painting has a reason and a goal, bring an image of reality. But the drawing, the painting, is more than just a medium to place an image of the things; it is a goal itself, a source of infinite pleasure.

To touch an artist does not have to resort to imagination and thinking, to magnificent themes, to the powerful decorative effects. He or she has to tackle the Art for his or her sensibility and intelligence. Nevertheless, the technique should not be forgotten, because as Chardin said: “That Art is an issue of feelings does not mean that it is not a matter of technique”.

This thought emerges in the work of the artist, because it is combined in it a perfect dominion of the technique and exquisite sensibility that is shown in landscapes with a great Expressive Realism, full of moving depth and with intimate and melancholic seascapes.

In his works we can see a high charge of Romanticism, because everyone of them is an intense reflection translated in a feeling of deep harmony in which the world arranges the blueprints, adjust the volumes, join the lines and wraps with a single lightning the tones, the shadows and the reflexes of his painting palette. Palette where floats a colorist luminosity that coats the canvas, the rich colors. All those things together with his movable skies, with the spiritual light, with the metaphysic correspondences en the condition of light and shadow, the flora, in the iridescent waters, the elegance, the measure, the charm, and the seriousness combined contribute to the achievement of a discreet Lyricism, a poetic Realism, a strength without bore, where it is clear his interest for the well thought and felt thing that is beautifully expressed, due to its necessity of finishing touch and perfection.


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