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Every of her works is a small artistic biography: a life lesson, an experience, a smile, a path, an eye, a dream, a compromise, a woman, a trip, another trip. Destination: Freedom.

And that is the reason why her work is unclassifiable. It reflects stories that only here was able to catch and decode in order to be narrated. Some have a primitivist look, some others are more elaborated and complex. Some are realistic, some others are indefinable. They are always supportive, like her. All of them recreate her personal and non-transferrable universe. She is self-educated artist and she barely recognizes any influence but the guidance of her own trajectory.

Her more recent photos from Bembereké (Benin) share the same glance. The lens are a brush that portraits children, trees or markets with a contagious force. Each image tells a story because behind there is a story. It is a sequence of Nanii’s trip through the Land of Butterflies.

Antonio Mayo


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